Sunday May 14
Focus on Jesus
  • Acts 8:5-8,14-17
  • Psalm 66:1-7,16,20
  • 1 Peter 3:15-18
  • John 14:15-21

In today’s first reading, we are introduced to the aftermath of the persecution at the hands of Saul, who later became St. Paul. We find disciples fleeing Jerusalem and St. Phillip lands in Samaria.
After the Lord Jesus’ resurrection, he identified Samaria as the next place where witnessing should happen. The bad things that happen to us have the potential to open new doors and fulfill the plan of God in our lives. Just as much as Philip’s suffer- ing became a blessing for the Samaritans, our own sufferings can become a blessing for others in unexpected ways.

Through today’s Gospel proclamation, our Lord Jesus tells us that the world cannot receive the Holy spirit because it neither sees him nor knows him. He tells them that “you know him, for he is with you.” (Jn 14:17)
The signs and wonders that the Samaritans witnessed and the faith that resulted, set them apart from the world, to be counted among those who “see him and know him”.
We need to take him at his word. He promised us that even though the world around us cannot and will not recognize the Holy Spirit, we will. Why? Because the Holy Spirit lives within every believer.
When our focus is to love the Lord Jesus, believing that he will do what he says, he will empower us to keep the rest of his commandments.

When we love him, we are loved by God the Father, and he will come and manifest his life in us. This is the reality we are called to live in as Christians. To live life knowing that the Holy Spirit lives within us, that we are passionately loved by God the Father and that the Lord Jesus himself will manifest his life in us.
In today’s second reading, St. Peter tells us to “bless the Lord Christ in your hearts.” We must constantly have our eyes fixed on Jesus and our ears inclined to hear his familiar voice. We do this by the conviction of the Holy Spirit living within us.

We should keep our conscience clear. When we fail and fall, waste no time in being reconciled. As we keep returning, a miracle will happen in our hearts and the Saviour’s saving power will spring into action.
“May the Virgin Mary, model of the Church, who knows how to listen to the Word of God and to welcome the gift of the Holy Spirit, help us to live the Gospel with joy, knowing that we are sustained by the Spirit, the divine fire that warms our hearts and illuminates our steps.” (Pope Francis)

Prayer: Abba Father, may we become a blessing to those around us.Amen.

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