Tuesday December 27
We have seen eternal life
  • 1 John 1:1-4
  • Psalm 97:1-2,5-6,11-12
  • John 20:1-8

Today the church celebrates the feast of St John, the Apostle. He is known as the disciple whom Jesus loved. This is indeed an expression of how close he was held in the Lord’s heart. Today’s Gospel proclamation points out that he was the first disciple to reach the empty tomb, the symbol of the resurrection of Jesus. The Gospel says “he saw and believed”. This disciple who accompanied Jesus right to the foot of the cross, looking at the empty tomb, now encounters Him as the Lord who became man for the salvation of humankind. The resurrection of Jesus is the key to our faith which in fact gives reason to make His birth special. St. John elaborates on the same in the first reading. Jesus is the Son of the Father who existed from the very beginning, the Word that became flesh, who was crucified but resurrected. He is the Word through whom we gain eternal life. Just like St John did, we are called to discover Jesus as the Lord and Saviour of our life and share in His eternal glory with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Prayer: Abba Father, we thank you for Jesus our Lord and Saviour, through whom we gain eternal life. Amen.

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