Sunday July 2
Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sacrifice and pain are part of the journey
  • 2 Kings 4:8-11,14-16
  • Psalm 89:2-3,16-19
  • Romans 6:3-4,8-11
  • Matthew 10:37-42

As with all the events and miracles in the life and ministry of Elisha, today’s first reading explains and teaches several helpful truths. It strongly illustrates the loving and divine care of God for all his holy ones: young and old, rich, or poor, weak, or powerful.

It shows God’s concern in the lives of people in all walks of life if they respond to his loving grace. It also reveals the necessity of faith for everyone regardless of their social standing or financial position in life. It explains, “the just shall live by faith,” that “without faith it is impossible to please God,” and “that which is not of faith is sin.”

Today’s responsorial psalm explores God’s promise to David, a promise based on his love and faithfulness, which says that through a great heir of David God would establish his rule of justice and love forever in our world. We will see that this promised king, also called the Messiah is none other than Jesus Christ who calls us to follow him as our Savior, Lord and King.
Today’s Gospel proclamation concludes Jesus’ teaching on mis- sion. It is clear that if we are going to walk with Jesus, we have a price to pay. Sacrifice and pain are part of the journey. Discipleship of Jesus develops and expands our vision of the world. Our daily duties of work, community and society opens up to new possibilities when we walk with Jesus.

We are welcomed beyond the surface, outside the narrow limits of our selfishness. We are called to enter the depths of life where we meet the wonder of God’s love in the normal flow of life.

Today’s Gospel proclamation says that those who seek them- selves are on the road to self-destruction. Our relationships with God, our loved ones, our community and our world only find life through self-giving. Jesus is clear about this, in the gospels. The way to life is through sacrifice, self-denial, and our daily cross. Our great and continuing temptation is to create a new Jesus in our own image that frees us from the ruthlessness of this clear message.

Let us treat others as if they are Jesus himself. Even if we give a glass of water for someone in need, let us do it lovingly in the name of Je- sus. As Saint Teresa of Calcutta said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” So, what matters is the amount of love we put into our actions. No deed is insignificant in the Lord’s eyes. Let us do everything with love and the God of love will reward us accordingly. Let us seek our eternal rewards from the Lord.
Prayer: Abba Father, your love for me means everything. Help me to put you first today. Amen.

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