Friday January 13
Faith can move mountains
  • Hebrews 4:1-11
  • Psalm 78:3-4,6-8
  • Mark 2:1-12

Today’s readings breathe the word ‘faith’ over our hearts. In the Gospel proclamation we meet the paralytic man and his friends who discovered that their path to Jesus was blocked by swarming crowds. However, they found a way to Jesus through the roof of the house. As Christians, we believe faith can move the mountains in our path. As the Gospel proclamation shows us, faith can also build highways across those mountains. Evidently, faith made a new way for the paralytic by fixing an earthly problem with a Kingdom solution. And as the First Reading says, faith is a Kingdom value. In light of this truth, how do we increase our faith in the Lord Jesus? The Psalmist gives us the answer. “Do not forget the works of the Lord!”. As we remember what he HAS done, IS doing, and WILL do, we can declare to the staggering mountains before us what our God CAN do. It is then that we will see faith arising, clearing the path and leading us to the heart of the Lord Jesus.

Prayer: Abba Father, increase our faith so that we may live and walk in the power of your Kingdom. Amen.

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