Tuesday June 7
The result of obedience is abundance

The promise of God in the first reading applies to our lives in the present era. The promise is: that we shall never be in want. Our life’s foundation should be the Word of God. When we reflect on the event of Elijah and the widow there is something common in them, what is it? Obedience. Elijah acted according to God’s instructions. The widow did as the prophet told her. Both survived the drought. We need to know that God’s answers makes us victo- rious. God’s solutions are always a win-win situation. In God’s answers no one would be excluded but everyone is included and the result is a win-win situation. This happens under one fundamental truth; that is Obedience. The result of obedience is abundance. There are no conditions for God’s love. There is only freedom in God. The most important commandment is to love. We are called to love. Like salt we can influence the society and the world without being seen through God’s unconditional love. As light we should be bold and be seen when necessary with love.

Prayer: Abba Father, grant your grace that I may be obedient in living joyously within your unceasing abundance. Amen.

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