Friday June 9
Submit to God’s will
  • Tobit 11:5-17
  • Psalm 146:1-2,6-10
  • Mark 12:35-37

When Tobias returned to his parents’ dwelling, he was instructed to rub the fish gall paste on his father’s eyes and heal him. Tobit, his father allowed the son to do the same and he was healed of his sort of cataract. The result was Tobit’s eyesight being healed and a long list of blessings being made complete where the family silver was recovered and Tobias was introduced to Sarah. Do we submit to God and allow God’s hand to rest on us and complete the work he wants to accomplish? In the Jewish tradition, the father was greater than the son but he submitted to the son’s action. Even our Lord Jesus though he was a wandering preacher was greater than King David whom the people held in great esteem. When we give God the glory we will see miracles, signs and wonders unfolding in various aspects of our family life and like Tobias we will give God praise with a loud voice. As the psalmist says, “My soul give praise to the Lord.’ Let us continue to praise the Lord at all times.

Prayer: Abba Father, you are in love with me and have the best in store for me and my family. I choose to submit to you. Amen.

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