Sunday June 25
Happily ever after
  • Jeremiah 20:10-13
  • Psalm 69: 8-
  • Romans 5:12-15
  • Matthew 10:26-33

Since our childhood and up until now, we are taught by the world that our stories should end with a “happily ever after”. Though we may not show the world or talk about it, we have this in the back of our minds and also in our daily prayers. We pray for a happy beginning and a happy conclusion.

If we look closely at the lives of Mary and Jesus, can we come to a conclusion that their lives ended up similar to the fairytale endings we want in life?
We want Christ Jesus in our life but are we ready to drink the cup he wants us to drink? This is the question he asks his two disciples who ask for the positions on his left and right. We may be in the position of the other 10 disciples who did not ask this from the Lord directly, but deep down in our hearts, isn’t it what we want as well? Power, recognition, money, and a “happily ever after”. Today’s readings invite us to remember the true meaning of our lives. We are here to share the Good News with our family and friends and lead them to the Lord in the simplest ways possible. He expects us to preach the Good News with simple acts of love and share his love with others.

What we should worry about in life is not what others are going to think of us when we decide to take the side of the Lord or talk about him, or if that is going to shake our expectations of the “happily ever after” we have been waiting for, but the true meaning of this life and the Life-Giver himself.

Most people come to the realization of this truth when they have spent their life chasing behind their ‘happily ever after’ and then they regret the same for the rest of the time they have left. But we are truly blessed to be called and come into this understanding. Therefore, let us hope that we will not lose this belongingness to the Lord.
The Lord is assuring us that we are so precious that every hair on our head is counted. There is nothing we should be afraid of. He will recognize our efforts and love in front of our Father if we do the same in this world.
Jesus understood and lived in the truth of what he came into this world for. We all have similar purposes just like how Christ did, but it is a matter of understanding what it is. Doing the will of God, was Jesus’ primary purpose. It is our primary calling as well. Let us seek God’s grace to do it. Let this be the truth of our lives.

Prayer: Abba Father, you know me better than I know myself. Let not my desires blind me from your will. Amen.

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