Friday August 11
Accept Jesus’ invitation
  • Deuteronomy 4:32-40
  • Psalm 77:12-16,21
  • Matthew 16:24-28

Today’s readings line up beautifully with each setting the backdrop and justification for what follows in the Gospel proclamation. In his sermon to his people, Moses reminds and implores them to remember who God is and all he has done for them as his people. The detailing of the majesty, power and indescribable love of God calls out to me to just fall on my knees and worship. His mercy endures forever. The patience and generosity of God towards a stumbling nation, his choice of people who were stubborn, the reminder of his willingness to display his power and command over all living and created things to communicate with, save and protect this nation, forms the bedrock of an assurance on which we can take up Jesus’ invitation to give up all of who we are if we are to follow him. If we belong to this magnificent all powerful and merciful God, how does our limited human understanding, wisdom or other human influences of this world stack up against his leading and his way?

Prayer: Abba Father, calm the noises that surround me so I may hear your voice. Amen.

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