Wednesday December 28
The blood of Jesus purifies us
  • 1 John 1:5 - 2:2
  • Psalm 124:2-5,7-8
  • Matthew 2:13-18

We are sinners, but if we believe in Jesus then we can walk in the light. According to the scriptures while we were sinners God chose us because of his great mercy. No one can call themselves sinless because it is impossible. God knows our weaknesses from the beginning, but he has given us tremendous freedom which could sometimes be frightening. When I fall into sin, it takes some time to realise that I am already caught up in sin because sin gives temporary joy and false freedom. Therefore we easily get caught up in illusions which creates fake persons in us. This journey is not easy but we have a loving God who knows everything and he is ready to forgive us and purify us with the precious blood of Jesus. Only he can make our lives meaningful. Therefore let us turn to him and ask forgiveness for our sins. As Catholics we have access to the Sacrament of reconciliation, let us confess and become right with God and let us enjoy his mercy and favor in our lives, for he is a loving and merciful God.

Prayer: Abba Father, wash us with the precious blood of Jesus so that we can see you face to face in heaven. Amen.

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