Wednesday June 1
God may change His workers, but the work goes on
  • Acts 20:28-38
  • Psalm 68:29-30,33-36
  • John 17:11-19

In today’s Gospel proclamation, God reminds us on how we must stay true to our words and deeds. Sticking to what is true drives away the pessi- misms and more so, it also reflects the significance of being blessed with a God who knows the truth. In addition, our God is a God of promises, He never leaves a person hanging but rather, He holds on and helps us to reach eteranl life. He gives innumerable graces to those who are true in following and loving Him. Jesus is no longer in the world physically but we are in the world. Jesus’ purpose is to bring glory to the Father and to bring us to the Father. He is our High Priest. Jesus is offering us to the Father, He lifts us to the Father cleansed in the Lord’s blood. In the first reading St Paul addresses the leadership of the church of Ephesus, knowing this was likely to be the last time they would see him. He gives them his blessing: Paul wanted to reassure these leaders to continue serving faithfully after he is gone. God may change His workers, but the work goes on.

Prayer: Abba Father, may we be on our spiritual guard, not only for our own well-being but also for those that you have seen fit to place in our lives. Amen.

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