Monday JANUARY 08
Feast of the Baptism of the Lord
Our Baptismal calling
  • Isaiah 42:1-4,6-7
  • Psalm 29:1-4,9-10
  • Mark 1:7-11

John the Baptist declared that through the baptism of the Holy Spirit, Jesus will create a new people of God. Jesus humbled himself and submitted to John’s baptism of repentance. That moment, the heavens opened and the Holy Spirit like a dove descended upon him and a voice came from heaven, declaring that he is the beloved Son of God and he received the anointing of the Holy Spirit to fulfill his mission. This was the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. Through proclamation of the Word, healing the sick, driving out evil spirits, his suffering, death, resurrection and outpouring of the Holy Spirit, he completed his mission. We are children of God. Are we in the process of fulfilling our mission or are we living according to our own understanding, gratifying our sinful desires? If we have forgotten our baptismal promises, let us submit ourselves to Jesus, reconcile ourselves with God and receive the Holy Spirit who will lead us to holiness and empower us to fulfill our mission.

Abba Father, give us the grace to remain in your Son, just as he remained in you. Amen.

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