Saturday September 17
What you sow cannot sprout until it dies
  • 1 Corinthians 15:35-37, 42-49
  • Psalm 56:10-14
  • Luke 8:4-15

Life is an invaluable gift that has been given to us. It becomes more meaningful when it builds and transforms many other lives. Yet life never stops throwing challenges or situations that are difficult to deal with. Sicknesses, financial troubles, relationship issues and pressures outside our control are a few to mention. Today in the Gospel proclamation we are reminded that the real purpose of our life is to yield fruit for those who are around us. This sounds absurd as the world today does not teach us to sweat for others. The world does not teach us to share what we have with others.

It defines success on its own terms. What our Lord Jesus teaches us is exactly the opposite of the teaching of this world: to die for others. He set an example by transforming His earthly life into a more glorious life through his resurrection. Today we are invited to follow him in his footsteps. To be soil, to accept the word of God which will eventually lead us to be a Christ like person: a person who yields heavenly fruits.

Prayer: Abba Father, help us to retain the word of God when we hear it and put it into action to fulfill our purpose on this earth. Amen.

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