Thursday July 01
Let go, and let God.
  • Genesis 22:1-19
  • Psalm 115:1-6, 8-9
  • Matthew 9:1-8

My Grandfather rose from being a pauper to a man of great wealth and power. Towards the end of his life, he lost most of it. He told me that what he had retained was what the Almighty had bestowed. He advised me to allow God to take it all. If I did so, He would bless me with what power and wealth promises to give but does not. God gives when holding on to nothing. As children of God we share divine power. The criterion however, is to “let go” of what we hold precious.

We are invited to go beyond our understanding to enter another realm of reality: the realm of believing the impossible. Nothing is impossible for God, therefore nothing is impossible for one who believes and acts on God’s word. Entering into the realm of losing or having nothing, we receive more than what we can ask for or imagine. In the gospel, God through Jesus, forgives sins: “the Son of Man has authority to forgive.” Something impossible is now made possible.

Prayer: Abba Father, may I empty myself to exalt Christ Jesus. Amen.

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