Sunday May 15
Love one another.
  • Acts 14:21-27
  • Psalm 145:8-13
  • Revelation 21:1-5
  • John 13:31-35

On this beautiful Sunday we are given a new commandment to love one another, just as we have been loved by God our Father.

We are invited to love one another not on our terms and in our way of understanding. Rather, we are invited to love people, just as our Lord loved and forgave his loved ones who let him down tremendously.

Often, we love people for the good they offer us and their acceptance of us. The moment they are rude and hurtful we take it as our right to hit back and hurt back. Our Lord did not present us with this model of love but one that forgave His worst enemies.

This love was reflected in the tireless, painful, arduous journeys of the first disciples who travelled from place to place, not in air-conditioned flight cabins but over land and sea, ill equipped and often starving. Their model of life was to fast and pray for the leadership and flock they were ministering to before key decisions were made. Thus, their prayer was powerful, life changing and impacted the newly formed communities. Today, we often lack such leadership examples and so we lack any impact on people’s lives.

Our Lord Jesus exhorted us to love one another after bidding farewell to Judas who was on his way to betray the Lord. The Lord was well aware of the soon to occur betrayal and yet in spite of the upcoming betrayal He was preaching a model of selfless love.

One is reminded that though we may have difficulties and let downs the ultimate prize awaits those who will stick on and make an effort to be like our Lord Jesus to the end.

The prize will be that we will behold a new heaven and a new glorious earth that will shine like the stars. Every tear will be wiped away and there shall be no more death or mourning. The Lord will make all things new.

Therefore, we are encouraged to bear our daily crosses with gratitude and acceptance since we have a glorious future that awaits those who put their trust in the Lord. As we carry our crosses and overcome our challenges, we have a compassionate God accompanying us through life and willing to share our burdens and crosses.

We are not alone as we labour for the Lord and our efforts will be gloriously rewarded. Hence, when faced with trials, setbacks and moments of weakness, let us not lose hope and shift our gaze away from Jesus because as much as we love, we will receive love and be loved in eternity.

Prayer: Abba Father, let your love shine into my heart that I may love, accept and welcome others in your name. Amen.

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