Friday November 24
We are the temple of God
  • 1 Maccabees 4:36-37,52-59
  • 1 Chronicles 29:10-12
  • Luke 19:45-48

The Word of God tells us that the new temple of God is our bodies where Jesus promised to dwell along with the Father and the Holy Spirit. When reading and meditating on today’s Gospel proclamation, we can reflect on who the merchants in our temple are. Who are selling things, defiling my connection with the Lord? This could be our own habits, our worldly attachments and others who are adding things to our lives. These may draw us away from the will of God. How often do we invite the Holy Spirit to come into our lives? How often do we acknowledge his presence in us? Every time we receive Holy Communion, we welcome Jesus’ body into this temple. How worthy are we to receive him? Do we make an effort to keep his temple pure? The Lord is inviting us to meditate as to what type of merchants are occupying our temple. What actions have defiled this temple? We can bring these things to the feet of the Lord and surrender these so that we would not turn away from the Lord.

Prayer: Abba Father, guide my thoughts and help me to focus on things that are true and pure. Amen.

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