Tuesday October 18
The mission God calls us to accomplish
  • 2 Timothy 4:10-17
  • Psalm 145:10-13,17-18
  • Luke 10:1-9

God calls us to spread his Word to others. At one point the Lord changed our lives and strengthened us with his Word. By attending Holy Mass, prayer meetings and other services, the Lord is filling us for the purpose of bringing others to him. He calls us to be filled by him, to witness to what he has done in our lives and take him to others. We love the Lord and have a relationship with him, but we may be nervous to go out and tell people about the Lord. The truth is that God knows our limitations. St. Paul was called to witness to the Lord after his conversion. His weaknesses and limitations did not stop the Lord working in his life and through him to many others. God calls us to stop focusing on ourselves and instead focus on his power. He can use our weaknesses to bring about a miracle in another person’s life. So, the next time we feel like running away from the mission God is calling us to, let us remember that God was able to work through St. Paul’s weaknesses and made him a great preacher. He can do the same for us.

Prayer: Abba Father, thank you for calling me to witness to you. May I lay down my fears at your feet and complete the mission. Amen.

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