Monday, 05th February, 2024
Focus on the presence and power of God
  • 1 Kings 8:1-7,9-13
  • Psalm 132:6-10
  • Mark 6:53-56

A temple is a permanent place of worship. In the first reading we see how the ark of the covenant was brought to the inner sanctuary of the Jerusalem temple. The temple became a dwelling place of God with the arrival of the ark. The Lord is inviting us to open our hearts to him. We who were moulded by God’s hands and given life by his breath are chosen to be his dwelling place. The choice is ours, whether we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us and reveal who we truly are. We are redeemed by his love to host his living presence. What happens when we allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the presence of God in and through us? Others will encounter the love of God. The power of God was manifested in Jesus, which made people to experience the compassionate heart of God. Let him enter into our lives. Our families, workplaces and communities need his presence. Be God’s vessels through whom he manifests his power and love. We are chosen. Let us find our purpose in him.

PRAYER: Abba Father, may others experience your compassion and love through me. Amen.

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