Monday June 26
The favour of God
  • Genesis 12:1-9
  • Psalm 33:12-13.18-20.22
  • Matthew 7:1-5

In today’s first reading we see how Abraham responded to God’s calling. He lived a life of surrender to God: trusting God and not hesitating to say “yes” to him. Because of this Abraham was highly favored by God. Wherever he went the hand of God was upon him. In the Gospel proclamation, Jesus is reminding us to surrender our lives when we are tempted to judge and criticize others. I am often tempted to judge others, specially my brothers and sisters in the church and in our community.

During my prayer time the Holy Spirit showed me that unless I am surrendered to him I cannot walk in God’s favour. I prefer my Lord’s favour more than giving into the natural inclinations. The Lord is inviting us to look at others with his eyes, and intercede when we are tempted to judge and lift them up to his hands. Then we too can experience his favour like Abraham. Let us walk away from our natural ways and old habits to the Promised Land he is offering us where we could live a life of surrender.

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