Wednesday November 29
You are the Lord of my life

The choice to live in God’s way or according to our own understanding is with us. Yet we should remember that whatever the role we play, be it as a professional, a teacher, a janitor or a housewife, the aim of our life should be to honour and do God’s will. The grave mistake of the king which led to his death and the fall of his kingdom was his arrogance depending on human power and  authority. The Psalmist says that the whole universe praises the Lord, giving continuous glory and we too should join in that unending song of praise. David who stood firm and held on to God no matter what physical, mental agony he had to undergo was rewarded beyond human understanding. His wisdom could not be compared to any human knowledge. As disciples of Jesus while we see miracles, signs and wonders as part of our lives, persecution and hardships will take us deeper in the journey. We are blessed to be assured that we will always be covered by his presence throughout this life’s journey.

Prayer: Abba Father, I worship you with all my heart. Amen.

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