Friday March 31
Radical change
  • Jeremiah 20:10-13
  • Psalm 18:2-7
  • John 10:31-42

Today’s liturgy invites us to make a radical change in the way we live. Like the prophet Jeremiah, we too face situations where we feel victimised and targeted by others. Jesus was not exempt from this “law of the jungle”. Yet both Jeremiah and Jesus made a choice to not look at the gravity of the situation or at those who were plotting to destroy them, but to focus on God’s power. They dared to believe in God’s perfect plan for their lives. How do we respond when we know someone is trying to hurt us or bring discredit to us for no fault of ours? Do we succumb to the threat and strive to safeguard our self image or our social status, running around like headless chickens, trying to defend ourselves, ensuring that our status or name is preserved? Or do we dare to trust in God who sees everything, including our innermost motives and agendas, to take care of us in his own way? Do we dare to embrace the “cross”, knowing that the “tomb is soon going to be empty, giving way to the resurrection”?

Prayer: Abba Father, may we trust your time, your perfect plan, and your power to bring forth life. Amen.

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