Tuesday October 24
Twenty-ninth Week in Ordinary Time
Receive the grace won by Christ
  • Romans 5:12,15,17-21
  • Psalm 40:7-10,17
  • Luke 12:35-38

St. Paul says that the Son of God became man to redeem the world. Jesus by his suffering, death and resurrection gained for us, what we had lost in sin. He changed the course of sinful humanity from condemnation and death to justification and life. He made us righteous in the sight of God so that we are able to participate in eternal life. This grace is a free gift. We have not earned it, we need to accept it by faith. Let us with grateful hearts contemplate how Jesus changed the course of humanity. In the Gospel proclamation, Jesus explains how we should live, so as not to lose eternal life. The parable talks about a servant waiting for the master. A servant waiting for his master would be alert, listening to every sound, with a light burning and with keys in hand. In the same way let us be ready, striving for more intimacy with the Lord and awakening of the Spirit by holding on to the ‘Word’. We know that we cannot by our own strength earn the grace that Jesus won for us, because it is a free gift of mercy.

Prayer: Abba Father, fill us with the Holy Spirit, so that we will be able to live the life Jesus won for us. Amen.

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