Tuesday June 27
Twelfth Week in Ordinary Time
Love others as Jesus loves us
  • Genesis 13:2.5-18
  • Psalm 15:2-5
  • Matthew 7:6.12-14

In our interactions, we meet different kinds of people, some are good and humble and some are the opposite. However, today the Lord asks us to treat them all with loving hearts as we love ourselves. It is a challenging act, how can we lovingly treat people who are against us?

God invites us to enter through the narrow gate to find true joy. In this context, we can hear a deeper calling from the Lord, which we might hesitate to accept. The calling is to believe him when it is difficult to believe, to trust in him when we are in darkness and to hope in him when we are lost, since he is the Almighty. He can change any pain, any darkness, any hopelessness into joy. We have seen how God helped his people when they were in the middle of storms. The question is, are we ready to trust him? Are we ready to give up our ways for the sake of his name? Often, the answer is not. But if we keep trusting in him, no matter what comes our way, he will raise us up and make a new path for us to walk on.

Prayer: Abba Father, show me how to love like you have loved me. Amen.

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