Friday May 19
The agony and the ecstasy
  • Acts 18:9-18
  • Psalm 47:2-7
  • John 16:20-23

In today’s first reading, we see how Jesus led St. Paul through a dream. Wouldn’t we yearn to be led that way too? How easy life would be. But we know it does not happen this way. However, the Lord still leads us in the same way if only we ensure that our focus is on the Lord and not on the numerous trials we face. The same voice of leading will be heard through the word, in a worship song, on a random board on the road or any mundane thing that we daily do. Today’s Gospel proclamation is about the agony and the ecstasy of the journey we have with the Lord. When we took the decision to follow the Lord and to give him the first place in what we do, we signed up for the many nights of weeping that would come. We are weak and frail human beings and God as a loving Father will surely discipline us to mould us into the image and likeness we were originally meant to be. In that he will also surely lead us through the darkest of nights into abundant joy, if only we keep our focus on the Lord.

Prayer: Abba Father, help us never forget that you are larger than our biggest problem. Amen.

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