Thursday October 13
Let us become authentic disciples
  • Ephesians 1:1-10
  • Psalm 98:1-6
  • Luke 11:47-54

In today’s first reading St. Paul speaks about the power of the blood of Christ. Through the blood of Jesus, we have obtained freedom, it is more than a physical freedom, he talks about our mental freedom which enables us to embrace and respect each other as Jesus loves us. When we start to respect and treat others as we respect ourselves, we can build mature human relationships. Our discipleship is meaningful, when we respect and accept others in spite of their weakness and failures. In both words and deeds we need to be authentic disciples, bearing witness to the grace that has been given to us. As disciples of Christ, are we looking for grace or comforts? Are we responding to the call of Christ or not? If we ignore the call of Christ we are walking away from light into darkness. Jesus shed his blood to unite Jews and Gentiles in one body with himself as the head. At the right time he will bring us together to be with him forever; then people will understand. On that day, all people will bow and accept Jesus as Lord.

Prayer: Abba Father, help me to love others as you love me. Amen.

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