Friday November 3
The Lord’s invitation
  • Romans 9:1-5
  • Psalm 147:12-15,19-20
  • Luke 14:1-6

On the Sabbath, the Lord went to dine at the home of a Pharisee, and the people were observing him carefully. He unwittingly took center stage. A heavenly banquet was set in motion. Roles seemed to be reversed. The honored guest becomes the host par excellence and gives a didactic teaching – a moral instruction – “Is it right to heal on the Sabbath”? The legal luminaries have no answer. Or is it that they would see their own double standard and stand condemned? The Lord heals a man suffering from dropsy. The Lord reveals that he alone could heal all spiritual abnormalities. What hinders us from having compassion on those crying for help? The Lord looks compassionately on my own abnormalities. My inability to reach out lovingly to my brother and sister may cause sorrow and anguish at being rejected from my circle of friendship. I invite the Lord to dine with me. Be the host for a heavenly banquet. To heal me to be a healer of the broken relationships caused by various abnormalities.

Prayer: Abba Father, stir my heart so that this wounded person may become the healer of those in my circle of influence. Amen.

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