Thursday November 2
Greener pastures
  • Wisdom 3:1-9
  • Psalm 23:1-6
  • Romans 6:3-9
  • John 6:37-40

We live in a world where we are constantly looking for greener pastures, failing to see the richness and the beauty of what we have. If we truly believe and acknowledge Jesus as our shepherd and our king, we too can proclaim: “the Lord is my shepherd there is nothing I shall want”. In this day and age, the wolves are the lies that are promoted in social and other media. We get tempted by the lifestyle of another and we run searching that path, leaving the path our shepherd shows us. We are tempted to follow the wide passage rather than the narrow valley trusting in God. The banquet God prepares is of eternal life and it is the only meal that will satisfy us completely. Our soul yearns this fulfilment, to be in this everlasting banquet. Through Jesus he made it possible for us to be in union with him and attend the meal one day. Today is a celebration of all the souls already united and waiting to be united in his banquet. May he give us the grace to see the green pastures and to rest by the quiet waters.

Prayer: Abba Father, help us not to be tempted by the false pleasures of the world but to see the eternal rest and life you have prepared for us. Amen.

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