Monday September 5
Let us desire to have the mind of Christ
  • 1 Corinthians 5:1-8
  • Psalm 5:5-7,12
  • Luke 6:6-11

We know that human behaviour is influenced by multiple factors. We tend to react to the same trigger differently in different circumstances. Jesus was being watched by the religious elite, waiting to pick that one slip of tongue or one action contrary to the law of Moses. Didn’t the Lord know their motives? Of course He did. Yet He always looked to the Father to receive guidance for His words and actions. He saw the compassion in the Father’s heart towards the man with a shriveled right hand. With that disability, he had come to the synagogue to worship God. Overflowing with gut wrenching compassion, that went beyond mere sympathy, Jesus fulfilled the Father’s desire. What a powerful union, that exceeded all desire of self preservation! How about us? Are we more mindful about our self image and status, when it comes to doing the will of the Father? Are we insensitive when lives and families around us are being destroyed? The Lord is inviting us to be focused, aligning our hearts and minds with His.

Prayer: Abba Father, we pray for boldness and freedom that comes from the sure knowledge of who we are in Christ. Amen.

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