Thursday April 27
Hungering for the bread of life
  • Acts 8:26-40
  • Psalm 66:8-9,16-17,20
  • John 6:44-51

The Ethiopian eunuch hungers for God. He goes to Jerusalem to worship God. On his way back he is reading the scriptures. God intervenes and through Philip reveals the Good News of Jesus to him. The result is fulfilment: baptism of the Holy Spirit. He continues full of joy on his way back home. Emptying himself leads him to Jesus. In our lives too, it was when the things of this world fell apart that we heard God’s voice and encountered Jesus. Our human nature is to hold onto ourselves and the things of this world. God in his mercy followed us every moment of our lives and at the right moment, drew us to Jesus. Let us remember, that deep within us we hunger for the love of God, we hunger for the Spirit of God. It is God alone who can fulfil this desire in our life. Nothing and nobody in this world can fulfil it. Yet, we find ourselves trapped in the things of this world. Let us ask for the grace of God to hunger for him, to hunger for the bread of life that will lead us to eternal life.

Prayer: Abba Father, thank you for never giving up on me and drawing me to your Son, the Lord Jesus, the bread of life. Amen.

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