Friday July 21
Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time
Love gives life
  • Exodus 11:10--12:14
  • Psalm 116:12-13,15-18
  • Matthew 12:1-8

The Gospel proclamation shows the human and practical side of Jesus. The Lord asks us to move away from being legalistic about the word of God and to understand it in its true spirit. “The way, the truth and the life”, is over and above the law. The Lord teaches us that we need to serve others than be constricted by the Law. I recall how our family decided at one point that we will try to help people who come to our home seeking financial help, and that we will try to not judge nor turn away when a beggar approaches us.

We believed that one day the person asking will have to answer to God if what was given was misused but we would try not to turn a blind eye to someone in need just because one or two have been dishonest. Many are the instances that the Lord healed and delivered people on a Sabbath day. If I go for Church services and refuse to help someone who is in a medical emergency and needs my time and resources to go to a hospital on a Sun- day, what good is it? Above everything else, let us love others.

Prayer: Abba Father, bless me with the same compassion you have so that I may serve as you desire. Amen.

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