Friday JANUARY 19
Second Week in Ordinary Time
We are called to serve
  • 1 Samuel 24:3-21
  • Psalm 57:2-4,6,11
  • Mark 3:13-19

“Love one another as I have loved you” is a beautiful commandment spoken by Jesus. While it is easy to love our closest family and friends, could we ex- tend the same love to people who have wronged us? On a human level, we often tend to seek revenge to feel satisfied without realising the darkness that we get caught into. When I faced betrayal, I was consumed with anger that I could not rest. As I got closer to God, I realised that my behaviour was affecting my loved ones. I understood that revenge and anger will never bring justice or peace, instead it will destroy the best version of ourselves that God intended us to be. Today’s first reading is reminding us that we are called to love and forgive just as David forgave Saul. It is only through divine intervention that we could heal our broken hearts to be able to see beyond hatred to love and forgive. God our father, creator of humankind, is the judge and the jury. We are not called to judge, we are called to proclaim the goodness of God.

Abba Father, may we love and forgive those who have wronged us. Amen.

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