Monday 26th February 2024
Reciprocity of our actions
  • Daniel 9:4-10
  • Psalm 79:8-9,11,13
  • Luke 6:36-38

When we think of God’s mercy we need to ask for mercy and show mercy to others. The Gospel proclamation speaks about being merciful. We have to be merciful as we received the Father’s mercy. It is important to have empathy and kindness in our interactions with others. Judgment and harshness should be replaced with mercy and grace. We are imperfect, therefore passing judgment on others is not correct. We need to cultivate humility and refrain from forming hasty opinions. Instead of focusing on their shortcomings, we should seek to understand their perspectives. We need to share love and show compassion and understanding. The reciprocity of our actions – the positivity we give to the world often comes back to us in unexpected ways. The Lord’s teaching emphasises on compassion, non-judgment and forgiveness. Our attitudes and actions have a ripple effect. Let us embrace a more compassionate and generous way of living, fostering understanding and empathy.

PRAYER: Abba Father, may I show compassion and love to others, as you show me. Amen.

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