Monday April 24
Believe in the one he sent
  • Acts 6:8-15
  • Psalm 119: 23-24,26-27,29-30
  • John 6:22-29

In the Lord’s Prayer, we say: “give us this day our daily bread”. “Bread” refers to the “Bread of life” who is Jesus himself. Only Jesus can satisfy the deepest yearnings of our heart. He is the missing piece to the puzzle that made us so vexed trying to complete ourselves. Jesus is speaking to us through the scriptures. He is inviting us to hunger for spiritual nourishment. He is challenging us to strengthen our faith, to seek him, even in chaotic situations, as beautifully presented in the first reading, through the life of St. Stephen. Seek God’s voice – his word – logos. As we meditate upon the scriptures, let us strive to encounter Christ through the word of God. Let us fulfil God’s mission that has been entrusted to us by delighting in Jesus’ presence. We are truly blessed to be able to read God’s word and meditate upon it. Let us seek an outpouring of his love, grace and mercy. Let us allow his word to guide us and empower us. May his word enlighten our path to seek him in every step we take.

Prayer: Abba Father, shower your blessings and graces upon me. Amen.

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