Tuesday 24th November
God’s mercies are new every morning
  • Rev 14 : 14 - 19
  • Psalm 95 : 10 - 13
  • Luke 21 : 5 - 11

We as God’s children are called to praise, thank, worship and glorify God with our whole being. The Lord Jesus revealed God as our heavenly Father and it is the Father’s desire to have us in His presence.

Often our responses to the Lord’s instructions are minimal. As a result of our ignorance to the divine leading, we may walk in confusion and carry a heavy load not realising that it makes us feel miserable and hopeless. The Lord is calling us to discover Him and maintain the relationship we have with Him and to discover the love, joy and peace He offers.

In the presence of the Lord, we are led to express our feelings, the burdens we carry, to surrender our lives. In return we receive His forgiveness, mercy, compassion, healing and wisdom to deal with life. If we are unable to respond to His call, to be humble before Him, let us ask for His Grace. He is a righteous Judge and judges the people with truth.

He is our Lord and Master. It His desire to see His children bear His fruit. He prunes and moulds us. We know He has given us His im- age. If we say yes to Him, He will make sure that we produce His fruits in due season.

While the people admired the temple building, the Lord prophesied its destruction. The Lord’s instructions were “Take care not to be deceived, do not be frightened”.

We are no different to these people. We are in awe of the splendor and the glamour we see in this world and in times of trouble we tremble with fear.

The Lord is speaking to our hearts. Where are our hearts focused? On the treasures and problems of this world? Or are they fixed on Him? The Lord Jesus holds the key for our salvation and He is the answer for every problem.

Prayer: Abba Father, give us a heart of worship to praise you and thank you, for your mercies are new everyday. Amen.

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