Tuesday November 15
Let us shift from storing to sharing our resources

There is a difference between how people see people and how God sees people. People are quick to categorize good people and bad people, righteous people, and sinful people. Zacchaeus was a sinful man in the eyes of people for many reasons. He was not well respected and accepted in the society for what he was. Yet Jesus offered to come and stay with him in his house and transformed Zacchaeus instantaneously from old ways of living to new ways of living. Jesus shifted his focus from storing wealth to sharing wealth. From being unjust to becoming a just man. From sinfulness to righteousness. From rejection to welcome. Today we are reminded by the Gospel proclamation that it is not what we have been in the past but the desire in our hearts that attracts Jesus to ourselves. Desiring to see him and meet him will lead us to the divine encounter that will completely transform us. Divine transformation that gave salvation to Zacchaeus and his household will reach our houses too.

Prayer: Abba Father, open our hearts and minds to see your Son. Amen.

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