Tuesday, 20th February, 2024
A time of grace and mercy
  • Isaiah 55:10-11
  • Psalm 34:4-7,16-19
  • Matthew 6:7-15

The Prophet Isaiah explains the importance of having a genuine desire to change from within. Lent is a time to look back on our journey; to allow the Lord to wash us and strengthen us. It is not traditions or rituals that bring true conversion but sincere repentance and acceptance of our wrong ways of living. Let us open our hearts during our times of prayer and allow the Holy Spirit to bring to light the dark areas within us. Then we can surrender our lives to the loving hands of Jesus and he will wash us with his blood and make us new. Unless we allow our Lord, who is our lover and spouse to do it, we will live false lives. Let us shift our focus from the desires of this world to genuine love for Jesus. We are his own possession and our efforts and joy should be to please him. Therefore let us not waste this time of grace but ponder on our thoughts, words and deeds on a daily basis and allow the Lord Jesus to change us and take us deeper into his heart.

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