Wednesday September 7
Focusing on what is eternal
  • 1 Corinthians 7:25-31
  • Psalm 45:11-12.14-17
  • Luke 6:20-26

In today’s Gospel proclamation we see Jesus calling the poor, the hungry and those who are weeping as blessed. Isn’t this the opposite of what the world tells us? From our school days we have learnt the importance of pursuing wealth and fame. There is nothing wrong in earning a fair wage and having a good standard of living. But we should not become obsessed with it. Because in our pursuit for money, often we lose sight of the eternal Kingdom of God. Our titles, possessions and fame will leave us the moment we take our last breath. What remains is the currency of the Kingdom. How have we treated the poor people in our neighbourhood? Do we feed the hungry? Do we give drink to the thirsty? Are we sensitive to those who are weeping? There are many victims of injustice, hatred and corruption, can we reflect God’s presence into their lives by journeying with them? Or do we take the easy option of ignoring them, thinking that someone else will help them? Let us become true disciples and care for the people around us.

Prayer: Abba Father, I seek your Kingdom alone. Amen.

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