Thursday April 15
Obey God rather than Human beings
  • Acts 5: 27-33
  • Ps 34: 2, 9-20
  • John 3: 31-36

Today, from the book of Acts, we are taught by St. Peter, the apostle who went into being the first Pope, the greatest lesson for all times. “We must obey God rather than Human be- ings” If we look back into our lives, living as nominal Catholics or after a true conversion be- ing baptized by the Holy Spirit as a charismatic Catholic, how many times have we failed to obey God and have succumbed to the sin of pleasing man. St. Peter was filled with courage and bravely responded to the Sanhedrin.

Even today, we are called to preach, heal and cast out demons in the name of our Lord Jesus and how many of us boldly take up the challenge. If this is a hard call, then we are called to witness and preach by our actions. I recall a time that my office was based at the World Trade Centre, and there was a tiny church on a by road of Pettah. A few of us at work made it a habit to attend daily mass at 12 noon, during our lunch hour. We had two directors of the company who openly ridiculed us for going to church daily and specially me for leaving all work on Wednesday at 5 pm to attend the Wednesday meeting. My time at the organization at that time was very unpleasant not only for the personal ridicule I faced for giving the first place to God but also there were many allegations against them. All I did was take it all into prayer daily to the Blessed Sacramentand give the truth of my heart for it was very hard to like them, but despite my-self I continued to forgive and bless them and their entire families. I would arrive at office by 6.30 am, and play the ‘Take me Higher’ CD very loud going around the office believing fully that proclaiming the name of God will be honoured.

I remember how crushed in the Spirit i was due to the ridicule that has to be faced for loving the Lord so deeply. The psalmist to- day says “The Lord is close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in Spirit” This ultimately became true as after a few months of blessing and forgiving and praying in office through the CD, supernaturally, the leadership was changed as the organization was bought over by very just people. The benefit of that was for the whole organization with around 3,000 people.

Prayer: Abba Father, give us a Spirit of boldness to stand up for what is right, in your mighty name. Amen

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