Thursday February 16
Who do you say that I am?
  • Genesis 9:1-13
  • Psalm 102:16-23,29
  • Mark 8:27-33

What is our level of awareness that we have about Jesus? Surely our personal experience with Jesus is important. It is clear from today’s Gospel proclamation, that the Lord was interested to know who people thought he was. No matter what our experience or encounter has been, how do we answer this question with confidence? The level of confidence that Saint Peter demonstrated in answering with “You are the Christ” was inspired by the Holy Spirit. Living our life in the Spirit is the pathway to be able to proclaim and acknowledge the Lord Jesus as the apostle Peter did. Most of the time we are covered by clouds of our own struggles, issues, rejections, anxieties – the list goes on. Clouds limit the line of sight to see who God is and therefore we fail to accept Jesus as the Lord. Let us consciously decide to fall at his feet, confess our sin and surrender in completeness to his arms so he can bless us with the Holy Spirit to help us connect with the merciful heart of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Prayer: Abba Father, in your unlimited mercy, forgive our sins and give us the ability to experience your Son’s presence in any situation. Amen.

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