Wednesday 28th February 2024
  • Jeremiah 18:18-20
  • Psalm 31:5-6,14-16
  • Matthew 20:17-28

The mother of James and John had ambitious plans for them. The Lord says, that such places could only be obtained through a different criteria to that of the world. The other ten were angry, as they too had the same ambitious dreams. The Lord says that even though he is God, he came to serve and not to be served. We too are to have the same attitude. The Lord is the model of a true leader: the model of humble feet-washing service. The secular models are not suited to the Kingdom, to the usual hunger for power and domination. Success in his Kingdom does not consist of power and prestige. Did not Satan tempt the Lord in the desert using prestige and power? Ambition is often to do with self glory and recognition. Divine ambition on the other hand has to do with sacrificial service, even to the extent of being hurt or unappreciated by those we serve. Can our children be made to become ambitious to die to self in bringing life to a paralyzed world?

PRAYER: Abba Father, come and be enthroned in my life. Amen.

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