Tuesday November 14
Have a humble attitude
  • Wisdom 2:23--3:9
  • Psalm 34:2-3,16-19
  • Luke 17:7-10

Today’s Gospel proclamation speaks about the importance of humility. It encourages us to recognize that our obedience and service to God are not meant to earn us privileges or accolades but should flow from a heart of love and gratitude. It reminds us to keep our motives pure and to have a humble attitude, acknowledging that we are merely fulfilling our duty as servants of God. It reminds us that our service to God should be motivated by love and gratitude, rather than a desire for personal gain or recognition. The focus has to be on faithfully carrying out God’s will and serving him, rather than seeking praise for our contributions towards the kingdom of God. We are called to examine our hearts in our relationship with him. Are we serving him with a sincere desire to obey and honor him, or do we seek recognition and personal gain? It calls us to embrace humility and recognize that our greatest joy and reward come from faithfully walking in obedience to God, regardless of whether we receive recognition from others.

Prayer: Abba Father, may I cultivate an attitude of humility. Amen.

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