Saturday April 29
The Church is the work of the Holy Spirit
  • Acts 9:31-42
  • Psalm 116:12-17
  • John 6:60-69

Today’s first reading speaks about the steady progress of the Church through the working of the Holy Spirit. We read about the miraculous healing of Aeneas, a paralysed man who had been bed ridden for 8 years and the raising of Dorcas. These signs attracted many people to believe in the Lord and many people were added to the Church. In the Gospel proclamation when Jesus talks about his Eucharistic presence, people exclaim: “This sort of talk is hard to endure! How can anyone take it seriously?” However, Jesus refuses to re-phrase the revelation of his Eucharistic presence. He insists that the issue is not his words but our faith in his words. He challenges us to not think about his words merely with our human capabilities, for “the flesh is useless” and his words “are spirit and life”. Even today signs and wonders are the gateway for countless non-believers to encounter the living God. As believers, by hearing God’s word in the light of the Spirit, we can grow in our faith in Jesus’ Eucharistic presence.

Prayer: Abba Father, may I hear your Word and rejoice in the signs and wonders that I see. Amen.

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