Friday November 10
Being a wise steward
  • Romans 15:14-21
  • Psalm 98:1-4
  • Luke 16:1-8

Today’s Gospel proclamation is a strange parable to understand. We first see the steward being charged as being a squanderer, and wasting the master’s property, but later we see this same steward being praised by his employer for providing for his future through fraudulent means. The steward when he was dismissed sat down and took an account of his abilities and resources and came up with an astute plan by which he hoped he could secure his future, thus showing shrewd worldly wisdom. God has made us stewards of a vast array of abilities and resources. Do we steward our resources wisely? Or do we squander these abilities and resources and use them for our own profit? Let us ask God to reveal to us how he wants us to use our abilities and resources to give him glory. Let us ask God for his wisdom and discernment in using these resources and abilities to fulfil the mission he has entrusted us with. St. Paul put all his abilities and resources in the hands of God and proclaimed the Gospel to many nations.

Prayer: Abba Father, into your hands I entrust my life. Give me your wisdom so that I may be a wise steward of all you have given me. Amen.

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