Monday June 14
Grace is the invitation to work alongside God in His ministry.
  • 2 Cor 6: 1-10
  • Ps 98: 1-4
  • Matt 5: 38-42

In his letter to the Corinthians, St Paul urges them not to waste God’s grace given to them. At first glance this seems a rather strange sentence as most of us see God’s grace as blessings, healings, and solutions we ask for and receive. But St. Paul understands God’s grace as the calling we are given to be a part of God’s ministry. He states that the invitation to work alongside God in His ministry is the grace of God.

When I think back, the grace God poured into my life is immense. I have been washed in the most precious blood of Jesus, cleansed so completely from the stain of sin. The ultimate price for my sin has been paid by my Saviour in full so I can stand as a child of God. I have been given His Holy Spirit who lives within me and guides me. And this grace is new every morning, it never gets old, it never wears off. But how easy it is to receive this grace in vain, to live a life so empty of the power that is contained in this grace.

In today’s Gospel proclamation, our Lord Jesus urges us not to resist or turn away an evil person, a broken person or someone who may not have experienced God in their life. He wants us to give without limit or without counting the cost. It is what He did for us. Was it not His unending love, His limitless mercy and forgiveness that first drew our hearts to Him?

The Lord Jesus says, “Give to the one who asks of you and do not turn your back on one who wants to borrow”(Matthew 5:42). He says give of your talents, give of your money, give of your resources and most of all give of your time and love. Do not turn away from the one who has nothing, who has no love so they cannot love you. Do not turn away from the one who is selfish, who has addictions and who has messed up everything. Meet them in love because the Lord Jesus is waiting for us to bring that person to Him.

Prayer: Abba Father, as you are calling me to bring others to You, give me the grace to serve You as You desire me to. Amen!

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