Friday July 14
Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time
Following Christ comes at a price
  • Genesis 46:1-7,28-30
  • Psalm 37:3-4, 18-19,27-28,39-40
  • Matthew 10:16-23

In today’s Gospel proclamation Jesus warns his disciples of the hardships that are to come. As much as there are blessings in following the way of the Lord, there is also a fair share of suffering. Our sinful ways begin to wither away and a new person starts to emerge from the ashes. As a new creation in the Lord we think, speak and act differently. We no longer despise our enemies, or crack dirty jokes in the office or gossip about others. This change can put us on the bad books of the people we love and share our lives with. Following Christ comes at a price but that is a cross we need to carry willingly.

When I started journeying with the Lord I realized I was no longer like my friends. I was at times ridiculed for my beliefs and rumours started to spread. Some even thought I had gone crazy. Carrying this cross among our family, friends and colleagues is not easy. But the Lord gives us the strength of the Holy Spirit. There is true joy in being his disciples even though we may be despised and ridiculed. Are you ready to be his disciple?

Prayer: Abba Father, give me the strength and the grace to persevere as your disciple. Amen.

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