Thursday September 28
Twenty-fifth Week in Ordinary Time
Dwelling place of God
  • Haggai 1: 1-8
  • Psalm 149: 1-6, 9
  • Luke 9: 7-9

Today’s first reading gives us an instance where the Lord spoke to his people through the Prophet Haggai. Through this he is also speaking to us in our daily life. Most often in our daily life our priority is to fulfil our physical and emotional needs. What about fulfilling our spiritual needs? Our reply may be that we pray first thing in the morning. But what about during the rest of the day? Is prayer and our connection with the Lord our main focus or does our focus shift back to our comforts? The Lord is waiting to see the day when his people will be faithful to him and honour their Maker and know that their fulfilment comes from him alone. He does not want to see his people become vulnerable anymore. So, he says “Give careful thoughts to your ways” (Haggai 1:5) to see whether our conduct is pure and upright. Are we truly honouring our God in everything we do? Let us search our lives and see whether the Lord’s house in our lives is ruined. We must turn to him in prayer, and he will teach us the way to rebuild it.

Prayer: Abba Father, I accept the truth of my heart that your dwelling place in my life is damaged. Come rebuild your home in my life. Amen.

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