Tuesday JANUARY 02
Memorial of Saints Basil the Great and Gregory Nazianzen
We live in Jesus and He lives in us
  • 1 John 2:22-28
  • Psalm 98:1-4
  • John 1:19-28

As we step into another new, joyful and exciting year, we are called to focus our eyes on our Creator. The reading begins with a question “who is the liar?” John’s explanation is clear. Then the next question that comes into our mind is: “what is the truth?”. The truth is a Person – “the one who stands among you” was the answer of John the Baptist. Are we like the pharisees who did not recognise Jesus among them? The Lord of this universe, took the form of a human being to live with us, sacrificed himself to live in us and opened the door to eternity. The whole universe recognises the Creator and rejoices in his presence. It is a call for us to see the presence of the Lord in our daily events and to rejoice even in our darkest situations and trust in his never failing love. The word of God reveals the truth which the world cannot see. The moment we fix our gaze on the Lord, believe that Jesus is living in us and connect with him, the purpose and meaning of life begins to unravel and bear fruit.

Abba Father, help me to rest in your arms like an infant and feel your protection throughout this new year. Amen.

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