Tuesday January 25
Let him who boasts, boast in the Lord Corinthians 1: 31
  • Acts 22:3-16
  • Acts 9:1-22
  • Psalm 117:1-2
  • Mark 16:15-18

Paul’s testimony of faith opens to the scriptures this morning. What ever God touches does not remain the same. All of us have experienced his saving hand and powerful encounter. As he invited St Paul, he invited the 11 disciples in Gospel of St Mark, God invites us personally to be a witness of his Gospel, of his presence in our lives. Today, God is preparing us to simply share with our friends, work colleagues , neighbours of what Jesus has done in our lives. We might not often come across receptive ears but we should offer ourselves faithfully and leave the results to God. Our God has risen from the dead and is very much alive! As you grow closer to him in prayer and worship, He is going to give you the strength, determination and opportunities to share his message. Offer yourself to the lord with praise as he prepares you to be his vessel, surrender to his mission as your heart whispers , Here I Am!!

Prayer: Abba Father, let my boast be about your goodness and mercy in my life and about all that you have done. Amen

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