Tuesday March 14
Forgive as we have been forgiven
  • Daniel 3:25,34-43
  • Psalm 25:4-9
  • Matthew 18:21-35

In today’s Gospel proclamation Jesus teaches about the Unforgiving debtor. To forgive someone “seventy times seven,” means that we should not keep track of how many times we forgive. We should always forgive those who are repentant, no matter how many times they ask. In ancient times, severe consequences awaited those who could not pay their debts. A person lending money could seize the borrower who could not pay and force him or his family to work until the debt was paid. The debtor could also be thrown into prison, or his family could be sold into slavery to help pay off the debt. It was hoped that the debtor, while in prison, would sell off his belongings or that relatives would pay the debt. If not, the debtor could remain in jail for life. As we realize how Christ has forgiven us, we should generously forgive others. When we do not forgive others, we set ourselves above Christ’s law of love. Today let us take a step forward to be quick to forgive and follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

Prayer: Abba Father, thank you for forgiving us, give us the grace to forgive others. Amen.

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