Tuesday April 19
I have seen the Lord
  • Acts 2:36-41
  • Psalm 33:4-5,18-20,22
  • John 20:11-18

Yes, the Lord is Risen! But have we personally encountered this Risen Lord in our lives as Mary Magdalene did in the Gospel proclamation today? “I have seen the Lord” she says, therefore it is her personal encounter with the Lord that becomes the good news to the apostles. The Lord in whom we place our trust is alive and He is always with us even during the times which seem to be a total failure. The secret we learn from Mary Magdalene, is to continue to seek the Lord even when there seems to be no hope. As the prophet Jeremiah says, when we seek Him with all our heart we will surely find Him. We will find Him calling out to us personally when we read the scriptures, in times we spend in prayer and through the Holy Eucharist. He will wipe our tears away, fill us with the joy of His presence and give us new hope because He is alive. This encounter will be the testimony we carry out to the world as a disciple of Christ. As we experience the Risen Lord, our lives will be transformed and we will become a blessing to others.

Prayer: Abba Father, open the eyes of our hearts that we may see you. Amen

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