Monday, 19th February, 2024
Holiness and obedience
  • Leviticus 19:1-2,11-18
  • Psalm 19:8-10,15
  • Matthew 25:31-46

God desires that we have a relationship with him here and then continue this intimate connection forever. God created us in his own image and because he is holy, we too should be holy. Just like the wings of a bird, to fly to the heart of God, holiness and obedience should become the priority in our lives. On a daily basis when we journey with God our lives change to holiness, we start hearing the voice of God and receive the leading of the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately the world has deceived people’s minds offering a lifestyle both sinful and unhealthy which ends up in misery and brokenness. The world has dulled the minds of people who no longer have the fear of God and do not take ‘judgement’ at the end of their lives seriously. The Gospel proclamation shows how we will be categorised according to the lives we lead just like the goats and the sheep. Let us open our eyes to understand the inheritance which awaits those who are obedient to God, then our lives will be fruitful.

PRAYER: Abba Father, often I have chosen the way of the world but I realise that I have been wrong. Lead me in the ways of your truth. Amen.

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